The Company

Company LM.NT was founded in 1999 and his activity is the manufacturing of blending gaz systems for divers and diving centers. Its products, recognized worldwide for their advanced technology, often copied, but never equaled, are extremely reliable, efficient and safe. Whether making Nitrox, Trimix or Heliair for technical diving, LM.NT blenders provide their users with increased safety, ease, economy and profitability for their diving center.

With the development of technical diving with Nitrox and Trimix, the need for a system to provide gas mixture in a safe and economical way is obvious to diving centers who want to grow their business and provide service quality to their customers.

By using LM.NT blenders you make sure you are equipped with a high-tech system, with proprietary software, safe, and already installed in more than 30 countries worldwide. LM.NT blenders are CE certified and have a fast and efficient technical assistance.